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In "Convertec 2021 Vol. 580 No. 49", on Electronics, issued July 15th, an article was published with the title, "Flexible Hybrid Electronics that Support IoT: Accumulation of Printing and Materials Technologies to Create FHE Sensors for Logistics Applications.

Associate Professor and Research Supervisor Nagamine's research theme, "The development of non-destructive in-situ chemical sensing methods for pre-symptomatic detection of diseases in agricultural products and basic technologies for practical applications," was adopted in the 2021 "Innovation Creation Enhancement Research Promotion Project" (Bio-Oriented Technology Research Advancement Center). Congratulations!

On Saturday, June 5th, Professor Tokito will give a special lecture, "Health management and medical application of flexible organic sensors," at the 29th Annual Meeting of the Tohoku Regional Association of the Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Medicine (Yonezawa Prefectural University of Nutrition, Yamagata).

The achievement of the joint research between our laboratory and Tokyo University of Science was published in the radio newspaper on March 15th, titled as "Wearable battery array that generates electricity with sweat developed by research groups such as Tokyo University of Science, using Japanese paper for the substrate material"

Congratulations! Tokito Lab student B4 Yuki Motomura received the Yamagata University Hata Itsuzo Award . B4 Keisuke Ito received the Yamagata University Excellent Student Award. B4 Chiba Shunya received the Yamagata University Excellent Student Award.

Congratulations on graduation! At Tokito Lab, 1 doctoral student, 4 master's students, and 6 undergraduate students were awarded degrees.

We are collaborating with KDDI R & D Laboratories to develop applications for chairs (smart chairs) equipped with seat-type sensors developed by our laboratory. The application image is published at the following URL.

The research result of the seat sensor was posted in the web media "EMIRA".
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