Research Center for Organic Electronics(ROEL)
Printed Device Technology Research Division


This research division aims to develop the environmentally harmonious, health-conscious, and human-friendly electronic device technologies that employ printing methods as low-temperature and large-area manufacturing process in conjunction with thin, light, bendable and reusable organic materials, and establish related practical innovations. This laboratory is engaged in all aspects of research and development activities ranging from materials, printing processes, equipment, electronic devices, circuits, and applications.
Collectively, these technologies make up our research competencies as applied to these activities:

■Synthesis of organic and metal nanomaterials having innovative
 physical properties and superior performance.

■Building up the printing processes required to fabricate the organic

■Development of practical printed devices based on organic transistors.
■Development of organic integrated circuits, physical sensors, biosensors,
 and information displays.

■New technologies to enable electronic layer patterning on curved
 surfaces or three-dimensional objects.
Shizuo Tokito Director of ROEL
Distinguished professor
Shizuo Tokito

Social Implementation

Smart organic sensors unifying printed electronics with information and communications technology are implemented for the benefit of a safe and secure human society with improved health and longevity.