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Jan. 09, 2018 The 145th ROEL Lecture Session

The 145th Lecture Organic Electronics Research Center

Venue: FROM Bldg.11, 2th floor [MIRAI Hall]
Date: January 9th, 2018
Time: 16:00 - 17:00
Guest Speaker: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Finland
        Research Manager Dr. Jukka Hast 
        Prof. Dr.  Harri Kopola

Title: Flexible printed hybrid electronics from technology towards applications and products

Abstract: This lecture will feature the state of the art flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) 
development and the challenges, opportunities and impact on industry as well as a vision
of expected FHE outcomes.  Flexible printed hybrid electronics is an enabling technology
and  is of high interest to industries asking for flex enabled, large area or wearable products
and solutions.   FHE technology status will be introduced covering  ‘flexible substrate’
processing technologies, pick and place processes to integrate/assemble  IC circuits, chips
and other components on flexible substrate and further encapsulation processes ( barrier
foils, injection molding/overmolding,…) to finish flexible or 3D-shaped encapsulation.  Design,
integration and application challenges and remarks will be covered.  Examples of a variety of
FHE enabled product demonstrators, prototypes and commercial products will be introduced.
  Also VTT experience in developing especially roll-to-roll flexible printed hybrid electronics
technologies and PrintoCent pilot lines will be described.  Special attention will be paid for
creating start-ups and PrintoCent industry cluster  for scale-up, commercialisation  and
industrialisation of the FHE technology.  Finally the visions of enabling FHE technology application
for IoT and industrial internet, digital health  and hyper-connected digital world solutions,
systems and services will be described.