Research Center for Organic Electronics(ROEL)
Printed Device Technology Research Division


This research division aims for developing the environmentally harmonious, health-conscious and human-gentle technologies utilizing printing method with low-temperature and large-area producible process in addition to thin, light, bendable and easily reusable organic materials, and establishing related practical innovations. Tokito lab. is engaged in all research and development activities ranging from materials, printing processes and equipment, devices, circuits and applications, as follows. Simultaneously, these are our research competences.

■Synthesis of organic and metal nanomaterial having the innovative
 performance and physical property.

■Building up the printing process to fabricate the organic devices.
■Development of practical printed organic transistors.
■Development of organic integrated circuits, physical and biosensors,
 and displays.

■New technology to enable the print on the curvature and surface of
 3-D objects
Shizuo Tokito Director of ROEL
Distinguished professor
Shizuo Tokito



Social Implementation

Society with health and longevity, safe and secure is established by social implementation of smart organic sensor unifying printed sensor and ICT.

Reserch Support Program

●JST-COI program
●JST-OPERA program
●Joint research with industries