• Organic Semiconductor Materials

  • Flexible Devices with Printed Organic and Nanoparticle Materials

    We have developed electronic devices on ultrathin (< 3 µm) plastic films by printing organic semiconductors, ferroelectric polymers and metal nanoparticle inks. We will realize patch-type healthcare devices using the ultra-flexible devices.
  • Development of the OFET-Based Biosensor

    We have been developing totally flexible, printed OFET-based biosensors. Now we are challenging to apply these sensors for non-invasive healthcare detecting biomarkers in externally secreted bodily fluids including sweat and saliva.
  • Flexible and Stretchable Printed Physical Sensor

    We have been developing flexible or stretchable physical sensors with ferroelectric polymers and stretchable paste inks by printing methods. We aim to actualize that devices to robot skins, healthcare and tactile devices, etc.
  • Flexible Hybrid Electronics

    Organic thermal sensors and stacked interconnects are printed on a plastic film using the screen printer, and small Si-LSI are mounted on the same film. This hybrid sensor integrates the flexibility of organic electronics with the high functionality of Si-LSIs. Sensing the temperature of body skin and commercial goods and transmitting the measured data have been succeeded.
  • Reverse Offset Printing

  • 3D-Printed Electronics

  • Development of the Metal Nanoparticle Ink

    We are developing low temperature sintering metal nanoparticle ink for the high performance printed TFT. We are improving the nanoparticle design and ink formulation technology to the reduction of energy barrier between semiconductor and electrodes.
  • Development of the Large Area Printing Process

    We have developed the roll-to-roll inkjet printing process technology that can be applied to the fabrication of large-area, high-definition electronic circuits. The TFT arrays and sensor devices can be fabricated directly on the large film, continuously.

Invited Lecture
August 24, Professor Tokito give an Invited talk at the Japanese Research Association for Organic Electronics Materials. (Morito Memorial Hall, Tokyo University of Science)

Invited Lecture
August 7-9, Professor Tokito give an Invited talk at the 2018 IEEE International Flexible Electronics Technology Conference (IEEE IFETC 2018), in Ottawa, Canada.

Invited Lecture
June 12, Professor Tokito gave an Invited talk at the Japan Association of Corporate Executives. (Marunouchi, Tokyo)

Invited Lecture
June 8, Professor Tokito gave a keynote speech at The Total Solution Exhibition for Electronic Equipment 2018. (Tokyo Big Sight)

Invited Lecture
June 1, Associate Professor Kumaki gave an Invited talk at the Business Starting Center for Organic Materials System's Opening ceremony.(Denkokuno Mori, Yonezawa)

Job offer
【Job offering】 We’re looking for a technical staff!

Invited Lecture
May 31 - June 2, Professor Tokito gave a Plenary talk at the ISOME 2018.(Sunmesse Tosu, Saga)

Invited Lecture
May 29, Professor Tokito gave an Invited talk at The Advanced Technology Exchange Meeting. (Tamachi, Tokyo)

May 27, Assosiate Professor Nagamine gave an oral presentation at at The 78th JSAC conference.(Yamaguchi University, Tokiwa Campus)

A Commentary article about Prof. Shiba's lecture was released at Convertech magazine.

Assistant Professor. Sekine and D3student. Shiwaku, awarded Young Scientist Presentation Award for The 44th Japan Society of Applied Physics, 2018. Congratulations!!

A paper related to Research Collaboration Associate Professor Izumi, "Soft Blanket Gravure (SBG) Printing Technology with Improved Receiving Process" was published by Journal of The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging.

D3 student Rei Shiwaku's paper, "A Printed Organic Circuit System for Wearable Amperometric Electrochemical Sensors" was published in the Scientific Reports.

In the April 20 (Friday) issue of the Yonezawa Shinbun newspaper, The article related to Associate Professor Matsui was published.

April 19, M2 student Gaku TSUBURAOKA gave an oral presentation at The Technical Committee on Electron Devices (ED).(Yamagata University, Yonezawa Campus)


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