M. Eng. (2017) Alumni

Tokito-Kumaki-Sekine Lab.

Major: Polymer Science and Engineering

Education & Professional Experience

March 2016, B.S. in Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Yamagata University

April 2016 to current, M.S. in Graduate School of Organic Materials Science, Yamagata University

April 2016 Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo (Visiting Research Student)
The Minami Lab

Research Interests

chemical sensors


Google Scholar Citations

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[5] "Label-Free Direct Electrical Detection of a Histidine-Rich Protein with Sub-Femtomolar Sensitivity using an Organic Field-Effect Transistor"
T. Minamiki*, Y. Sasaki*, S. Tokito, T. Minami
ChemistryOpen 2017, in press. (*These authors equally contributed to this paper.)

[4] "Label-Free Detection of Human Glycoprotein (CgA) Using an Extended-Gated Organic Transistor-Based Immunosensor"
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[1]Poster Award
62th Japan Society of Applied Physics (March, 2015).
5. Organic Transistors Can Electrically Read Out Molecular Recognition Behaviors of Supramolecular Receptors
(oral) Tsuyoshi Minami, Tsukuru Minamiki and Yui Sasaki
MSMLG2016, University of Bath, UK, July, 2016

4.  Organic Transistor Based Biofets Towards Stress Monitoring
(poster)Shin-ichi Wakida, Tsuyoshi Minami, Tsukuru Minamiki, Yui Sasaki, Ryoji Kurita, Osamu Niwa and Shizuo Tokito
IMCS 2016, Ramada Plaza Jeju, Jeju Island, Korea, July, 2016

3. A Mercury(II) Ion Sensor Device based on an Organic Field Effect Transistor with an Extended-Gate Modified by Dipicolylamine
(poster)Tsuyoshi Minami, 〇Yui Sasaki, Tsukuru Minamiki and Shizuo Tokito
CEMsupra2016, The University of Tokyo, January, 2016

2. Detection of heavy metal ions and phosphates using organic field effect transistors functionalized with dipicolylamine derivatives
(poster) Tsuyoshi Minami, Tsukuru Minamiki, Yui Sasaki, and Shizuo Tokito
The International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies 2015 (Pacifichem 2015), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, December, 2015

1. Detection of Mercury (II) Ion in Water using an Extended-gate Type Organic Field Effect Transistor Functionalized with a Dipicolylamine Derivative
(oral) Tsuyoshi Minami, Yui Sasaki, Tsukuru Minamiki, and Shizuo Tokito
2015 International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics (2015 ICFPE), Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taiwan, October, 2015